How work the Voozanoo application?

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Diagram servers

  • App1: Voozanoo4 project
  • App2: Voozanoo4 project
  • App3: Voozanoo3 project
  • Voohub: Authentication/proxy for all requests
  • Voozanoo Mobile: Mobile application

Interaction between a project and the application?

When a Voozanoo4 project is connected with VooHub, every Voozanoo-Mobile application can retrieve some files to be used on the device.

Flux of files

Example 1, list of projects available with a provided code:

		"id": 1,
		"name": "Awesome App"
		"id": 2,
		"name": "Another App"

Example 2, a manifest with all files needed:

  • “structure” is mandatory. The rest is optional with some reserved keys.
  • “build” for the specific code.
  • “style” to change the presentation.
  • “icon” for a dedicated icon on the project’s list.
      "structure": {
          "version": 123,
          "token": "ABC"
      "files": {
          "build": {
              "version": 2,
              "token": "CBA"