Puis-je créer un modèle relationnel entre mes varsets?

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The relational model can be reached with a development for each project. The simplest method is to use a small part of the Epicraft configuration related to a JS development in a separate file.

More information on how to link the development to the application here.

Examples of development to realize the relationship model

Relational model 1-1 / 1-N

The important part of this example is:

// Foreign key
const sForeignKeyField = 'id_patient';
// Id data of the patient
const sPatientIdData = 'abc123';
// Id data of the newly created visite
const sVisiteIdData = 'def456';

// Define a new variable in the dataset if nonexistent
// That's the foreign key
oDataset.addVariableDefinition({name: sForeignKeyField});
// Set the value for the foreign key
oDataset.updateValue(sVisiteIdData, sForeignKeyField, sPatientIdData);
Whole example
// Library
import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import {View, Text} from 'react-native';
import {Button} from 'epimob-components';
import EpimobCore from 'epimob-core';

export default class ButtonCreateNewVisite extends React.PureComponent {
	constructor() {

		this.handlePress = this.handlePress.bind(this);

	handlePress() {
		const {changePage, aDatasets, dataset: oPatientDataset, rowId: sIdPatient} = this.props;
		// Naïve way to deal with parameters, a better way is to use "options"
		// More about that here https://epiconcept-paris.github.io/epimob-reactnative/customProperties.html
		const sDatasetName = 'visite';
		const sForeignKeyField = 'id_patient';
		const sCurrentPatientId = oPatientDataset.getValue(sIdPatient, 'id');
		// page id from Epicraft
		const sIdPage = 'rpealtqprb1520863668630';
		const sNewVisiteId = EpimobCore.getCryptoInterface().uniqId();
		// open new page
		changePage(sIdPage, sNewVisiteId);

		InteractionManager.runAfterInteractions(() => {
			const oVisiteDataset = aDatasets.find(oDataset => oDataset.getName() === sDatasetName);
			const oForeignKeyDefinition = oVisiteDataset.getVariableDefinition(sForeignKeyField);
			if (oForeignKeyDefinition === undefined) {
				// alter dataset definition if missing variable
				oVisiteDataset.addVariableDefinition({name: sForeignKeyField});
			oVisiteDataset.updateValue(sNewVisiteId, sForeignKeyField, sCurrentPatientId);

	render() {
		const {option, translate} = this.props;

		return (
			<Button onPress={this.handlePress}>
				{translate('New visite')}

ButtonCreateNewVisite.displayName = 'ButtonCreateNewVisite';

ButtonCreateNewVisite.propTypes = {
	option: PropTypes.object,
	dataset: PropTypes.object,
	rowId: PropTypes.string,
	datasets: PropTypes.array,
	translate: PropTypes.func,
	changePage: PropTypes.func

Relational model N-N